'Virginia Obscura' is a twisty Arthouse-meets-Grindhouse Giallo-style Horror-Thriller-Mystery about a terrifying day of DNA test results, revelations and revenge when a young woman attempts to unmask the truth of her "deadbeat" birth father's identity by capturing the four despicable men who took advantage of her mother at a drunken high school party on the night of her conception, 18 years ago.

Starring Matt Mitler, Thomas Kovacs, Jennie Brown, Jessica Cameron, Ed Conrade, Christopher Marrone, and Special Appearance by Linnea Quigley, in a new film written and directed by Toby Osborne.

This critically-acclaimed cult hit, which Fangoria Magazine hails as "Stunning" and a "gem of voyeuristic terror", was released on the iconic Wizard label - distributor of midnight movies The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, I Spit On Your Grave, Driller Killer - by Full Moon Features and Charles Band - the makers of Puppet Master, Ghoulies, Re-Animator - featuring the macabre handiwork of Nightmare on Elm Street 3 & 4's Special FX Make-Up Artist and a cast of genre stars from such fan favorites as My Bloody Valentine, The Mutilator and Return of the Living Dead.

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Watch the Theatrical Cut of 'Virginia Obscura' starring Matt Mitler, Thomas Kovacs, Jennie Brown, Jessica Cameron, Ed Conrade, Christopher Marrone and Special Appearance by Linnea Quigley; written & directed by Toby Osborne.

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Virginia’s embittered search to find her birth father takes a surreal turn when she holds four men captive as part of a twisted family reunion to expose the truth and punish the past, leading to a blood-spattered showdown of DNA results, revelations and revenge!

"Completely Insane... Hypnotic... Authentic... 'Virginia Obscura' feels like it was directed by a madman, and I really like it for that... No sane director would make a choice like this, but it really works." ~ Jonathan Weichsel, MoreHorror.com

"Fantastic! It's low-budget Lynch... the editing and imagery take on a poetic rhythm that envelopes you like a nightmarish fever dream." ~ Jeff Stewart, Drafthouse Films 'ABCs of Death' director

"A strange and beautiful film... Director Toby Osborne’s art-house slasher mystery is a dreamy low-budget gem of voyeuristic terror." ~ Chris Alexander, Editor-in-Chief, Fangoria and Delirium Magazine

"A must-see horror flick... Featuring a cast of horror film heroes including Matt Mitler (The Mutilator, Basketcase 2), Thomas Kovacs (My Bloody Valentine, Scanners), Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead), Jessica Cameron (Silent Night) and Christopher Marrone (Plus One)" ~ Scream Sirens Magazine

"Any real horror fan can appreciate what Virginia Obscura does and how it presents itself… Unnerving... Mind bending… Intriguing… More unique than the run-of-the-mill shit that we see a lot of in this genre" ~ Brad Henderson, Popshifter.com

"Looks fantastic and could very well win any number of awards for its visceral cinematography. Odd angles, intense close-ups, wondrous tracking shots, and blistering contrast litter the picture" ~ The Conduit Speaks

"An experimental horror... I have to applaud the director for 'coloring outside the lines'... It was well acted, with emotions being conveyed beautifully even from behind masks." ~ Michael Defellipo, Horror Society

"'Virginia Obscura' is 'Mamma Mia' for Horror Fans!" ~ Clatto Verata

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